Playing The Waiting Game

It’s always fun to sit down and write an update. The last time I wrote an article, it was about losing my job and trusting God to help me along the way. As I was getting close to the closure of Breakout, things were heating up and really becoming stressful, the job of General Manager is always stressful, but it was becoming even more so.

I decided to treat myself to a vacation towards the end of July and go with Alina’s college group to the beach for a weekend. Now the stress had really been taking a toll because: 1. I was about to lose my job, 2. I was beginning to lose employees, and 3. I did not have a new job to go to. I looked forward to this vacation all month long, despite not really knowing anybody in her college group and not doing the best when it comes to trips away from home. That’s because I can sit at home for a week on “vacation” and be perfectly content.

The trip was wonderful. The college group welcomed me in with open arms and acted as if I was one of their own. Now, during this time I was in the middle of a phase when I was all into Lord of the Rings. So I took 5 different books on this beach trip: 4 of which were all written by Tolkien and the other belonging to the property of Star Wars. I planned on knocking out at least one of the books and just relaxing. Welp, for the most part, the plan worked out. I finished the Star Wars book but I spent a lot of time around the other college kids. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t just going to be a recluse on the trip, but I was going to enjoy some peace and quiet.

On the trip, we rode the waves, did an impromptu ice cream run (kudos to whoever had the idea), play crab roulette, and had quiet times along with worship. Believe me when I say that I did not fully intend on engrossing myself in the studies and the college group. Not to harp on the college group, they are a marvelous group of people, and boy do they know how to eat! And, yeah, I knew it was a college group and that there would be a few sessions here and there, but it just wasn’t high on my priority list. That was something else that didn’t go according to the “plan”, I got fully engaged with everything that went on in the studies and truly felt like God was talking to me.

Coming away from that weekend, I truly believe that something changed in me. I feel like since then, I was changed in some form or fashion. I’m currently unable to put my finger on it. But I digress…

I came back ready to roll. I remember telling Alina that I was ready to go back to work and close the store. That sounds easy and self-explanatory; however, many of the employees and I had poured our hearts out for the store to succeed. Clearly that didn’t work out, but coming back to a store where some of us walked around like we had failed, even though none of what happened was personally our fault, was a little tough. Several weeks passed and the store finally closed, but I had to remain for a few days after we closed to clean out the building and get it ready for the next tenants. Thankfully, I had several employees volunteer to give me a hand and on the last day the owner came down to collect the stuff to take back to his store. Then it was over.

It was tough walking through a building that had been completely cleared out and empty of everything that we had. I stood in several of the rooms playing the footage of customers trying to solve the puzzles in my mind.

I walked away not relieved, not ready to relax (despite what I had said), and certainly not like I had done a good job mainly because the store closed, and I had no job lined up at the moment. I sat in the parking lot after everyone left for a few minutes and just looked around and soaked in the last few moments of having a job.

Something I left out for the sake of consistency: the day after we officially closed the store to the public I received a phone call from Fed-Ex asking me for an interview at another store than the one I had previously interviewed at. I did the stupidest thing I probably could’ve done, I asked them if I could get through the next few days and give them a callback. Thankfully, they obliged and I promised they would hear back from me by the end of the week.

I ended up calling them back as soon as Breakout was done, and we scheduled an interview. From the moment that I found out the store was closing, my family, Alina, and I had constantly prayed, not just for a job, but that I would be where God wanted me and that He would make that apparent. Throughout that time, I had interviewed for some pretty nice and prestigious (at least I think) jobs, but clearly, and unfortunately, that just wasn’t where God wanted me.

The interview with Fed-Ex was fantastic. I received an offer that was better than anything I had before and immediately took it, because I truly felt that was where God wanted me. I’m currently in the middle of training and things are going great! It’s something different, but I believe I’ll get a handle on it eventually. It feels amazing to be a worker bee again instead of a manager; I love leaving work and truly being done with work for the day.

All of this goes to say, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The night is always darkest before the dawn. The light beats the dark. Yada yada blah blah. You’ve heard it all before, but let me attest that it’s true! Now, it probably won’t happen in accordance with your timing, but it will happen eventually. The wait can be grueling and everything happening beating down on you, but all things come to an end including the bad. It’s rough, believe me, I know, but it won’t last forever. The key isn’t just buckling yourself down and pushing through everything, which does play an important part but the people surrounding you. I owe so much to Alina, my family and the people that were praying for me and encouraging me all along the way. I owe a ton, also, to the employees at Breakout for sticking with it and working their hearts out to make sure we all had a job for as long as we could. There’s a lot more that I could write but it’s probably time I wrap things up.

God really did open doors and He made it possible for everything that happened. Cast your worries on Him, pray for guidance, have faith, and keep pushing. Your “plan” will usually never occur in the way you hope or think, if you’re about my age, you should know that already. We all wanted to be rich, married, and working an awesome job right? Things don’t always work out the way we wish, but we can definitely wish to be where God wants us, and usually, you will be.


If you have any questions or just want to hear more, feel free to get in touch with me! I’d be more than happy to share my story.

Little bit of patience, faith, and perseverence seem to help things…

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